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Drilling Mud Direct (DMD) provides a cost-effective solution for high yield bentonite and drilling additives delivered direct to the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry. Our mission at Drilling Mud Direct, is to service the drilling fluid needs of the construction industries all around the globe.


Having been in the Horizontal Directional Drilling industry for years, we understand that high quality products with competitive pricing and on-time delivery are three major components to helping our customers succeed. DMD’s original business plan is fairly simple: send a full truckload quantities from the Wyoming bentonite plants to our customers in the field. However, over the years we’ve modified that a bit to meet the demands of the market. We now utilize railcars and established strategically located rail hubs around the country. This allows us to be me more responsive to orders, which has translated into further savings for our customers.


Over the years we have also added our own in house logistics company, Freight Direct, LLC, to ensure we pay competitive rates and to give us greater control of where the drivers are and when they will deliver. Along with Freight Direct, we most recently added our own Mud Engineering Company, Pitbull Services, LLC. Pitbull Services allows us to bring that next level of service to our customers; which ties great products, competitive pricing and on time delivery with experienced 24/7 technical support.

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