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BARA-KADE High Yield

BARA-KADE High Yield is a high yield Wyoming sodium bentonite that produces a high performance, multi-purpose drilling fluid. BARA-KADE High Yield is fast mixing, and provides excellent viscosity, gel strengths, soil sealing, hole cleaning and lubricity.


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Slurry Wall and Slurry Trenching
  • Tunnel Boring and Bored Pilings
  • Soil Sealing and Pond Lining
  • Other Hydraulic Barrier Applications


  • Easy to mix and yields a multi-purpose, high viscosity slurry
  • Provides a stable slurry without separation for prolonged periods
  • Compatible with drilling mud additives, cement and other construction additives

Availability: BARA-KADE High Yield is produced in one of two locations in Wyoming and can be purchased through Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC  (assigned reseller Drilling Mud Direct, LLC.).  We can also supply a full range of additives. Ship them on the same truck with your BARA-KADE bentonite to save money. Contact us for details. Wyoming-Map_BPM-Plants_for-web

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